In-Depth Guide of Hiroshima Train Stations

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Hiroshima Railway Stations Highlights

The Hiroshima Station opened its doors a long time ago in 1894, as a small railway hub along the Sanyo line. Now, over a hundred years later, the station became one of the busiest train stations of the region, servicing 5 lines and 14 platforms. The original historic building of the Hiroshima station was destroyed during the atomic bombing in 1945, and the beautiful complex that houses it today was built in 1965. Despite its quite an impressive age, inside the station is modern and very well equipped.

The Hiroshima railway complex boasts two entrances - the south entrance and the north entrance also known as Shinkansen entrance. So if you are planning to travel by a Japanese famous bullet train, make sure to enter through the right doors.

Hiroshima's Shinkansen Station Services

Hiroshima station is a great example of what a train station should be like. Being part of the advanced Japanese train system, the station can't be anything bud modern and well-equipped. It offers a wide range of on-site facilities, such as:
  • excellent choice of shopping and dining venues;
  • Hiroshima station left-luggage facilities;
  • ​smoking room;
  • well-furnished waiting rooms;
  • complimentary WiFi;
  • modern bathrooms​;
  • ATM's/ currency exchange points and many more.

Q&A: Train Stations in Hiroshima

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