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Osaka to Kyoto Trains Information

Departure/Arrival Stations
Travel time


by train

38 km (23 mi)
Trains per day


Travel Time

15 min
Reverse route


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Both Osaka and Kyoto are very popular tourist destinations in Japan, offering a lot to explore. For example, the city of Osaka boasts Universal Studio Japan and the eponymous castle, while charming Kyoto houses the bamboo forest Arashiyama and the famous Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine (among other brilliant must-visit sights). As the cities are located nearby, you can easily cross both of them from your travel bucket list during one trip to Japan!

Osaka to Kyoto Train Map

​Traveling from Osaka to Kyoto is very easy, as they are connected via the high-speed Shinkansen. Osaka to Kyoto bullet trains are very fast and well equipped, they offer three travel classes and a broad departure schedule (you can find out more and book a train ticket from Osaka to Kyoto on Rail Ninja), making the high-speed trains the best way to travel between the beautiful destinations.

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