Tokyo to Kyoto Train

Tokyo to Kyoto train offers breathtaking views you won't forget. Hence, if you are looking for a marvelous train ride with captivating landscapes, make sure to book this route. Moreover, you can check the train timetable and tickets costs below. Start your journey now!
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Tokyo to Kyoto Trains Information

Departure/Arrival Stations
Travel time


by train

475 km (295 mi)
Trains per day


Travel Time

2 hours
Reverse route


Ticket Cost:


Tokyo to Kyoto Trains Schedule

When it comes to exploring the wonders of Shinkansen, Tokyo to Kyoto train is definitely among the top choices for the job. Located within 475 km (295 mi), the cities are connected by one of the most scenic railway routes, perfect for admiring the breathtaking landscapes of the country and served by the record-breaking Nozomi trains, offering great onboard amenities and a broad departure schedule.

Keeping all that in mind, it's hardly surprising that Tokyo to Kyoto Shinkansen tickets get sold-out very fast and need to be booked in advance to ensure a worry-free trip. The Rail Ninja booking platform can help you with that, as it allows to easily book Nozomi Tokyo to Kyoto tickets in a matter of several minutes.

Tokyo to Kyoto Train Map

​Train rides from Tokyo to Kyoto offer breathtaking views. Therefore, if you're looking for a train ride with amazing views and a fascinating ride, this is the train for you. What is more, you can check the map below!

Tokyo-Kyoto train map

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