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Exploring Japan by rail: iconic train routes for unforgettable adventures you shouldn't miss.
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Train Travel in Japan: Where to Go?

Japanese railroads go far and wide, reaching even the remotely located population centers and making exploring the country by train not just exciting but also very convenient. When everyone believed that the future belongs to cars and planes, the Land of the Rising Sun looked further and invested in building the Shinkansen railway - the most tremendous project after World War II. And they made the right call, as the high-speed railway became one of the Japanese calling cards, a favorite means to travel among natives and tourists alike. ​

If you are a fan of train travel, Japan is a great destination for you. No other connection can offer the same level of comfort, faster travel times, and a broader departure schedule. It's a perfect choice whether you are planning to cross the country or simply treat yourself to a memorable day trip!

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