In-Depth Guide of Osaka Train Stations

Exploring Osaka's transit hub: a detailed guide to Osaka train stations.
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Osaka Railway Stations Highlights

If you are planning a train trip from/to Osaka, you need to keep in mind that the city boasts two major railway hubs you need to keep in mind, the Osaka Train Station and the Shin-Osaka Station.

Osaka Train Station is located right in the city center and is known as the most loaded train station in West Japan. It is housed in a beautiful complex, looking very impressive due to the stunning glass roof and the absence of bulky structures that together create an easy-to-breath open space effect even when you happen to visit the station during the rush hour.

Shin-Osaka Station is set 3 km (1.8 mi)​ away from the busiest station of the city. It's part of the four-story complex, not as big as the Osaka station, bit still quite impressive. Its layout is carefully thought-through, so navigating the station is very easy.

The ticket gates are located on the 3rd floor. After a traveler goes through them, he needs to go to the 4th floor if he is going to travel by Shinkansen or go down to the 2nd floor if he is planning to hop on one of the trains serving the regular lines.

Osaka & Shin-Osaka Station Services

Both stations are very modern and well-equipped. They offer travelers plenty of opportunities to spice up their stay as well as all essential facilities one might need for a comfortable stay, including the following:
  • a wide choice of in-house restaurants & shops;
  • lost & found;
  • left-luggage facilities (coin-operated lockers);
  • ticket offices;
  • comfortable waiting rooms;
  • free WiFi;
  • bathrooms​;
  • ATM's and currency exchange points.

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