Limited Express Travel Classes

Classy comfort: a guide to Limited Express train travel classes.
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Limited Express: Ordinary Car

Maybe because Japan limited express and Shinkansen trains are the only types of Japanese trains that offer several travel classes, the coach classes of both are very much alike. Although interior design differs from train to train, some things are beautifully constant on all limited express trains, such as great onboard amenities.

The simplest option, an ordinary car, provides everything you need for a comfortable ride, including cushy seats, plenty of luggage space, generous legroom, and big panoramic windows allowing to enjoy the incredible panoramas during the journey. The seats in a car of this type can be both reserved and unreserved, but if you prefer the tickets with allocated seats, be prepared to pay a bit extra.

Limited Express: Green Car

Green cars on limited express trains are the best choice for travelers who always find that second-class seats don't offer enough elbowroom or for passengers who prefer to travel with a footrest.

The first-class cars on limited express trains are always reserved and equipped with big comfortable seats that you can recline a bit, footrests, and comfortable headrests. The seat rows are located a bit further from each other (comparing to the ordinary car), allowing more legroom. Some cars even have separate smoking areas.

Although the limited express trains don't offer Gran Class as Shinkansen do, you can enhance your journey by booking a private green car, although this option is available only on a few limited express trains at the moment.

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