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Kyoto to Nagoya Trains Information

Departure/Arrival Stations
Travel time


by train

134 km (83 mi)
Trains per day


Travel Time

0.5 hours
Reverse route


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Kyoto to Nagoya Trains Schedule

The Kyoto-Nagoya railway route offers some of the most impressive views in Japan, making train travel between the two cities a popular choice. It is not just the beautiful scenery that inspires people to travel by railway. There are trains that run from Kyoto to Nagoya that offer incredibly fast travel times and can cover the distance from one city center to another in just 30 minutes.

Kyoto to Nagoya Train Map

Trains from Kyoto to Nagoya are all equipped with top-notch onboard amenities to make sure you have an enjoyable travel experience, such as comfortable seats, ample legroom, and more than sufficient luggage storage space during the journey. They boast astonishingly fast travel times, three travel classes to choose from, and a broad timetable with up to 34 departures every day (you can find the detailed schedule as well as book your railway ticket on Rail Ninja).

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