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Tokyo to Hiroshima Trains Information

Departure/Arrival Stations
Travel time


by train

816 km (507 mi)
Trains per day


Travel Time

4 hours
Reverse route


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Tokyo to Hiroshima Trains Schedule

Hiroshima is a popular travel destination in Japan with an astonishing number of historical and cultural sights. Any traveler who wants to really get to know the unique country should visit Hiroshima at least once. But the city is located over 800 km (497 mi) away from Tokyo, and the impressive distance scary off a lot of potential travels. And it definitely shouldn't, as both cities are connected by the high-speed Shinkansen railway, the star of Japan train system.

Tokyo to Hiroshima Train Map

A safe and modern train can take you between the cities in a bit over 3.5 hours, offering unparalleled comfort (and fantastic views) during the journey. Don't hesitate to go to Rail Ninja to get more information about the route as well as the detailed schedule and book your Shinkansen tickets from Tokyo to Hiroshima for up to 2 years before the planned trip!

Hiroshima-Tokyo train map
Hiroshima-Tokyo train map

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